Monika Doskocilova

Personal Trainer / Shiftleader

I have spent over 10 years involved in the Wellness/Fitness industry and I lived 7 years in Sydney Australia where I started more focusing on my own training and healthy lifestyle. Australia was the place where I started my fitness journey as a figure competitor and also my career as a personal trainer.

My training style is a combination of a number of different techniques to achieve the best results for men and women based on their personal needs, goals and fitness levels.

There is always room for improvement – that’s what keeps me motivated.


Jan Kareš

Personal Trainer

‘I have been working in a personal coaching for 20 years and I consider this job as a life time mission. My trainings have a specific style as I train with my clients in groups to maximize their motivation. I’m a multiple Guinness and world record holder in pull-ups on the bar. I have been also awarded the Steel Man three times in my career and the republic Multi-Champion in sports climbing. My other hobby is nutrition and baking cakes according to my nutritional experience. You have definitely something to look forward to.’

Martin Muller

Personal Trainer

‘I have been doing sport since my childhood. I have been active in a football for many years. I have attended a personal trainer course at Norman’s Academy. I will offer you a classic fitness training on machines or with dumbbells, functional training, body weight training, rehabilitation exercises as well as interval training and fitness training (tennis). I have been running exhibitions as a sparring partner of Jan Kareš for 5 years and we have always tried to overcome pull-ups records. My biggest achievement is the 24-hour marathon in pull-ups, when I stopped after 20 hours at 4009 pull-ups. Life is a challenge!’

Ondrej Marsak

Personal Trainer

Graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport at Charles University in year 2006 and now I am working as a fitness trainer. My focus is diverse fitness training, total body firming, removal of muscle imbalances and increasing of the physical condition. Trainings are in English. Measurement of body composition (fat, muscle, water, basal metabolism…) with Bodystat 1500 device. Squash sparing.

Tel.: 737 676 391 Email:


Karel Nykl

Personal Trainer

Graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport at Charles University in Prague. After consultation with the client and according to his idea I propose a motion programs preferring mainly exercises with your own body, using equipment (TRX, BOSU ball, etc.) combined with exercises on machines. Emphasis is put on the correct performance of exercises (building the “CORE”), to maintain the correct posture and compensate bad movement habits or sedentary jobs.

Tel.: 603 492 424 Email: