Stanislava Solmosiova

Health Club Manager

My passion for sport has started in my early age, as I was highly energetic and luckily this vitality is still part of me. Today I enjoy various sport activites, such as running, fitness, cycling, hiking, skiing and roller / ice skating.

My main goal is to provide you with a smoothly running operation, with the support of my great team.



Ondrej Marsak

Personal Trainer

Graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport at Charles University in year 2006 and now I am working as a fitness trainer. My focus is diverse fitness training, total body firming, removal of muscle imbalances and increasing of the physical condition. Trainings are in English. Measurement of body composition (fat, muscle, water, basal metabolism…) with Bodystat 1500 device. Squash sparing.

Tel.: 737 676 391 Email:


Karel Nykl

Personal Trainer

Graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport at Charles University in Prague. After consultation with the client and according to his idea I propose a motion programs preferring mainly exercises with your own body, using equipment (TRX, BOSU ball, etc.) combined with exercises on machines. Emphasis is put on the correct performance of exercises (building the “CORE”), to maintain the correct posture and compensate bad movement habits or sedentary jobs.

Tel.: 603 492 424 Email:


Ladislav Bruzek

Personal Trainer

I am a trainer of fitness and bodybuilding and I am a holder of international TRX certificate. My specialization is training with your own body / weight, improving of physical conditions, growth of muscle mass, weight reduction. Speed training and keeping fit, body shaping and circuit training are also my field of expertise.

Tel.: 734 833 637



Petra Sendreiova

Personal Trainer

I have been practicing fitness and playing volleyball for several years. Within my training classes I use various functional tools such as TRX, Flowin, BOSU. I focus on Correct body posture (“CORE”), Weight reduction, Nutrition consulting, Growth of muscle mass, Muscle imbalance correction, Body strengthening, Keeping fit, Exercising with pregnant women and with women directly after pregnancy.

Tel.: 602 359 336



Lenka Valkova


I am very energetic person, that is why I love sport and nature, I also do yoga and meditation.

When I was a child I felt in love with dancing and it became my biggest passion ever since.

Anna Pechacova


I work as a nurse and a masseuse. Massage therapy is not only a way how to relieve pain but also a way how to make someone’s day better.

Monika Kulikova



Jirina Suldovska


After high school I studied 4 years shiatsu massage and attended classical massage course. I am empathetic and have a lot of experience in massages, therefore I am able to help any client to relieve the pain especially around the neck area, lower back and often cure the headache.