Set off on a journey full of sensual pleasure and enter the world of deep relaxation. Three secret recipes of three cultures are waiting to be discovered and experienced one by one. The first is a Mediterranean body peeling based on a mixture of seaweed, black sugar, lotus extract and essential oils. The second secret comes from India, the home of Ayurveda. An invigorating balm made according to the formula of Indian yogis is applied on selected parts of the body. A massage combining Ayurveda with elements of Asian massage follows, providing treatment that releases tension, eliminates stress and replenishes your energy. A gentle wrap taken from the Chinese recipe will leave your skin feeling and looking incredibly smooth and radiant and completes this unique experience.


During this relaxing treatment soft oil or body lotion and a mixture of rich aromatic oils caress the body and slowly enhance an energetic feeling of power and vitality felt by each muscle. A soothing path to relaxation, strengthening body systems and nurturing the skin.


This treatment is based on an application of thermotherapy through the use of hot basalt stones and frozen hand craved marble stones on the body. The stones take massage to a new level; the treatment quickly offers deep relaxation and brings balance to the mind, body and soul. It relieves aches, pain and muscle spasm, and the treatment also increases blood circulation and metabolism.


Six Senses will take you on a journey through Swedish, Chinese and Hawaiian massage cultures and slowly and gently ease your worries and stress away. Varied infinite long strokes blend with an intensive pressure massage to take you to an entirely different level. Finally, the secret power of a hot stone massage – the flawless smooth surfaces of the stones pour warmth and energy into your body, massage your neck and gently soothe your head and face. Experience the magic of this sensational massage and indulge your senses.


A legendary Indian treatment with unique movements creating a relaxing aura. The gentle massage creates waves of peaceful sensation flowing and relaxing weary muscles. Warm drops of sesame oil anoint your forehead before your face and head are treated to a stimulating massage. A new sense of peace and tranquillity are bestowed within.